Oh the many ways to dye

Up to this point, I have only handpainted all of my yarns, but I figured that it was time to branch out and try a new method! There aren’t many people I know who don’t love their crock pot and I am no different. I loved it make tasty comfort foods during the winter months and since Miss Emme was born, the crock pot has gotten even more use. Just drop in the food in the morning and enjoy great scents throughout the house all day and a delicious dinner at night!
I’m finding that dyeing yarn in a crockpot is a similar concept; drop in the yarn, heat up, add dyes and continue “cooking. Simple stuff! I found that it is a terrific way to dye yarn with a two and a half month old too. I don’t necessarily need to stand and meticulously paint on the dyes, but can choose my colors, mix and pour! I just need to check on it periodically throughout the 2.5-3 hour process and then just drain at the end!
The fun part has been deciding on color combinations. I pulled out the good old color wheel to help me visualize the combos. The first skein from earlier tthis afternoon was a cook skein with a warm yellow paired with green, teal, and blue. The varying greens with splashes of blue and yellow remind me of a jungle canopy so that shall be it’s name! Here is that skein:
The skein turned out darker than I thought it would and the green overtook just about the entire skein even though itbwas added in the same ratio as the other 3 colors so next time I would definitely use less green dye. I also think I was a bit heavy handed with the dye/water ratio for the dye bath. I am definitely going to use less of each for the second skein that I have cooking. All that said, I am quite pleased with ‘jungle canopy’ and think it is a great addition to the yarny family.
Tonight’s experiment was a grand success (in my honest opinion!) I used four colors again, but used much less dye and water. Me loves it. I haven’t given it a name yet, but it will come to me eventually. This may be my new favorite way to dye yarn!

Second Crockpot Dyeing Attempt


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