Naptime Photography Ninja

After my relative successes with dyeing over the past few days, I decided that it was time to devote some time to photography.  I was pretty happy with my first round of pictures for the spring collection,  but I’m always looking for new fun and creative ways to photgraph yarn. 

I had to be a naptime ninja and set up shop in the nursery while Emme was napping/having some quiet, contemplative crib time. So I got all set with the camera and stuff when my helpers showed up.


Those are two of three of my little furbabies, Evie and Korben.  They are always so curious about what I’m doing and they love to get into investigate everything.  They didn’t stick around too lobg though as I was all business with the naptime timer ticking in my mind. 

I tried several poses for the yarn- swirling, twirling, laying, etc, but I kept coming back to a helix pose.   The yarn wasn’t perfect, with the odd stray strand sticking out here and there, but I kind of like the effect! Besides, I had skein photos with the yarn nice and neat so this was a chance for the yarn to ‘let it all hang out.’   Here is the helix look:


The angle is a bit tricky on this one, but I really like the close up.  All in all, I got some great shots of the yarns I have dyed the past few days.



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