Mason jars are my new friends – Part 2

It’s a rainy day here in Upstate New York, not particularly chilly out, but quite windy.  Emme and I stepped out for a little bit, can’t wait until I can take her to the parks around here so she can really enjoy the weather.  Since she was a winter baby, her time spent outside has been pretty limited.   Soon enough!

Rainy days also mean that it is a great day for yarn dyeing! (Honestly, what isn’t a good day for yarn dyeing?)  I have a skein soaking right now and think I’m going to see how far up a skein the dye will travel when it is not completely submerged in the dye bath.  The complementary mason jar experiment from yesterday inspired this little adventure.  Speaking of the mason jar experiment, I  have re-skeined the yarn and LOVE the way it turned out – the violet stayed violet and the blue didn’t break at all.  The four colors play well together too!



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