I’m focused over here.


What a crazy day.  All of this that is happening in Boston is just crazy.  I attended Boston University some years ago so it is weird seeing all of the still familiar streets completely empty.  To keep myself from watching the 24 hour news coverage, I turned to my baby daughter and also yarn dyeing to keep me busy.

I am getting into a good rhythm with the yarn dyeing and can typically dye 1-2 skeins a day.  While those are either soaking in preparation for the dye or soaking in the dye bath, I have at least 2 skeins that need to be wound and re-skeined, photographed, and posted on Etsy.  Miss Emme likes to hang out on her activity mat and watch the yarn swift spin around and around with the brightly colored yarn.  It keeps her occupied and allows me to be productive.  (As I type this on the computer, she is sleeping in my lap so where as I was a master of multi-tasking in the prior to her arrival, I am now a full fledged guru).  I am sticking with my study of complementary colors, although yesterday I veered off that path to create an analogous, cool colored yarn.  I decided to name it ‘kismet.’

I’m a big fan of this colorway and am definitely going to revisit the analogous color schemes once I’m finished with the complementary colorways.  I posted this skein of ‘kismet’ and the replicated skein of ‘eadness’ to my Etsy store today.  The second skein of ‘Mirabilia’ is drying right now.

On a completely random aside, do any of you watch “Scandal”?  I’m a HUGE fan of that show and find myself ::gasp::-ing multiple times an episode.  Imagine my disappointment when last night I tuned in at 10:00pm only to find a repeat.  ~sigh~  When has it become common practice for a network to reshow old episodes in the middle of an on-going season?  It would make a lot more sense if they would just show the entire season in one run and then if there were still weeks left before the next break, start to reshow the season again.  With Scandal, the episodes are really following the one step forward-two steps backward formula and it is driving me crazy!  This is why I usually prefer to just watch a show once the season is over with and on DVD or Netflix.


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