Domestic Diva Saturday and Knitting Update

Korben and Tosh

I had a pretty busy day (see below), but I was able to work on my  log cabin knitting project.  Here is a progress picture:That’s my little Korben staring down a skein of my madelinetosh.  He only likes my “good” yarn and has made a few skeins of Noro his playthings, but he knows better than to touch the tosh.  I have on more than one occasion told him to step away from the tosh because “it costs more than he did.” When I was making a Beekeeper’s Quilt using madtosh, he loved to steal the little hexipuffs.  Sigh.  It never got old with him either.  Oh well, it was adorable and they made great cat toys.

Back to the knitting…I know, I know there doesn’t seem to be much progress since my last progress pic, but that is only because I frogged the cream section (colorway is ‘luster’).  The plan is to finish off this rectangle with ‘winter wheat’, ‘olivia’, and ‘tannehill’.  I’m going to work on it a bit more tonight!

Alright, the title was an alliteration fail with the title, but man oh man was I productive today!  The morning started with me waking up to see Mr. YarnyCakes off to work (he doesn’t typically work weekends at all, but these are special circumstance).

  • Miss Emme was still asleep so I decided to get some more yarn wound up and dyed.  I was able to post ‘Ramie‘ and the second skein of ‘Mirabilia‘ that I finished yesterday to the Etsy store.  I also dyed up another complementary scheme of blue, blue-violet, teal, and orange (love it!).  Here is a pic of ‘Ramie’:
  • I cleaned up around the house and devised a weekly cleaning schedule so I don’t get so overwhelmed and have to do everything in one day.
  • I went shopping with Miss Emme for some more clothes – she’s growing so quickly and needed some new things.  Perfect excuse to shop.
  • When we got home, she was out for her late afternoon long nap so I cranked up the classical station (cranked up and classical don’t really seem to go in the same sentence, but there you have it), put the windows down and left her sleeping in the car while I working in the yard for bit.  (Don’t worry, I stayed very close to the car while I was working so she was quite supervised).  Our yard is pretty large, about half an acre and I was tired of it looking like the ugly yard on the street.  I didn’t get to rake too many leaves last fall because of the pregnancy so there were still lots of leaves on the ground.
  • Made dinner – breakfast for dinner, nothing gourmet, but always a delight!
  • KNIT!

I guess I would have pushed the domestic divaness over the top if I had gone grocery shopping too, but there is only so much I can do with Miss Emme…and my feet hurt after all of that yard work.



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