Relaxing Sunday topped off with Game of Thrones

I have a sleeping baby lying on me so I’m sort of stuck here on the couch for a little bit, bit it’s a good time to get in some knitting!  I’m continuing with the complementary color dyeing and I posted a couple more skeins to the Etsy store. They are ‘quiosquos’ and ‘telary.’  These are definitely my favorites so far although ‘eadness’ is cute beautiful too!

QuisQuos and Telary collage

I dyed up another skein if yarn this morning hoping for the colors to turn out flamingo like.  Not sure that I succeeded, but I’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.  My motto remains that “there are no mistakes with hand dyeing…sometimes you just get a surprise.”

My business cards arrived yesterday – yay! They look even better in person.  I’m planning to include one in each of the orders I send out with a coupon code and yarn details.  Too bad they weren’t here for my first thr

ee orders, I made due and created a version of sorts:


It’s Sunday and Sunday means that there is an awesome show or two on HBO tonight. Mr. YarnyCakes and I can’t wait until the new episode of Game of Thrones tonight. Last week’s episode ended with quite a bang!  My favorite story plots are John Snow and Daenerys – I wish they had more of them in the episodes, but there are just so many characters that we need to stay updated on!  It is just such a ridiculously good show. The intrigue,  betrayal,  plotting, and characters have me riveted to the TV.


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