Day 1: The House Cup

The qualities of the bee knitter/crocheter are “busy and industrious, but can flit from one interesting project to the next as bright and shiny things capture their interest.”  Well, this definitely describes my style of both knitting and crocheting.  I find that I am always looking for the next, new thing to do.  I am definitely more of a process knitter than a product knitter.  I love to learn new techniques, but it is highly unlikely that I ever finish a large project. 

And then there is the primary medium of the craft, yarn.  Once upon a time ago, when I picked up my first skein of red heart to teach myself knitting, I swore up and down that I would never buy more expensive yarn because yarn is yarn.  That mentality flew out the window the first time I visited a real yarn store.  And then I found Webs in Massachusetts and was truly lost.  Now I am a sucker for gorgeous yarn and when I used to buy all manner of fancy yarn, I just wanted to start knitting with it IMMEDIATELY.  So that condition eventually compounded and…well, you can guess the result.  Every year I tell myself that I am going to buckle down and finish something/not buy anymore yarn until I finish x number of projects. Alas, mt knitting self is undisciplined and flies freely from project to project drawn by the alluring promise of new yarn and new techniques.


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