Day 2: The Mascot Project


As a “bee” knitting type, the mascot projects that I flit back and forth between are long term projects, namely blankets and throws.  In the photo above, I have provided examples of my long-term projects – the top two pictures are two different beekeeper’s quilts that I have started and the bottom pictures are a log cabin baby blanket and one square for the stained glass window afghan.  The only one of these that were finished are a baby version of the Parcheesi Afghan, a log cabin blanket in the bottom left corner and that was mostly because I had promised the baby blanket to somebody Mr. YarnyCakes worked with.  It was an extremely long project, but I finished it because I knew I HAD to.

When I’m not absorbing new techniques and processes, I like to work on relatively easy, brainless projects.  Hexipuffs and log cabin squares provide both of these.  The best thing about these types of projects is that you can just stop them at a certain point and still have a “finished” project.  Many of these projects have morphed into mini versions of what they were supposed to be, namely becoming baby blankets and cat blankets.  This is an example one such blanket.  My stopping point on the babette blanket seems to be section five so many babettes have ended up being about 30×30 inches.  (My three kitty cats love this blanket, especially during the winter months).


So as fitting for the “bee,” I can’t decide on just one mascot project, but have decided that long-term projects that I can switch back and forth between definitely define the bee house for me!  Knitter confession.  I have never finished a pair of socks or a sweater.  I’m clearly not a real knitter, haha.

If you would like to see more of my UFOs, or unfinished projects, find me on Ravelry – my rav name is Julsa.


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