Day 6: Favorite Knitting Tool – Around and around we go!

My favorite knitting tool that I used to wind up some raibbow yarn I dyed yesterday.

My favorite knitting tool that I used to wind up some raibbow yarn I dyed yesterday.

For the sixth day of knitting and crochet blog week, we are asked to discuss our favorite knitting tool.  There are many tools that go into the making of a fine, knitting item – needles, yarn, stitch markers possibly, a crochet hook for dropped stitches, a ruler, etc, but my favorite knitting tool is my yarn winder.

I had ordered one from Knit Picks a few years ago when I first discovered that there was more yarn to buy than just that found at large craft stores and that quite nice yarn could even be purchased online! During my college years when I taught myself to knit, I didn’t even know such a thing existed, mostly because I didn’t know that yarn came in any other format than the wound skein of Red Heart, Caron, etc.  But when I signed up for Ravelry, I was introduced to a whole different side of knitting, that included knitting with natural fibers…and in different sizes too!  It was around this time that my bee knitter’s attitude decided to land for a while on the lace shawl blossom.  In my quest to find all things lace weight, I found Knit Picks which offered affordable lace yarns in yummy colors.  I immediately started to hoard collect some skeins of lace weight yarn to jump into my new knitting adventure.

Well, I got the skeins of lace weight and went straight to winding it up…like a true ignorant novice and wound up with a rather ridiculous, balled up, just about beyond help mess that used to be a rather lovely red yarn.  I worked at untangling for a week (with Mr. YarnyCake’s help – he would hold the ball on one couch while I sat across the room and picked the little knots and occasionally told him to wind it a bit – he’s a good sport and a keeper!) before it finally yielded and became a ball of yarn.  All the while I kept thinking to myself, there has to be an easier way to do this.  So to the internet I went and there I found the yarn winder, once again from Knit Picks as that was my favorite place to buy all things knitting related.

Along with this winder, I also purchased a swift because half of my trouble with winding the lace yarn was that I hadn’t thought about what would actually hold the yarn while I wound it by hand

Since then I have been winding cute, compact balls of yarn that really showcase the beauty of the yarn! I even wore one winder out and had to get another, but this is certainly one knitting tool I simply cannot do without.


11 thoughts on “Day 6: Favorite Knitting Tool – Around and around we go!

  1. Ball winder – wow!
    I do have one piece of advice – don’t stick your needles through your ball of yarn! Bad – splits yarn and makes a bit of a mess later on!

    • I wore my knit picks winder out and had buy a new one – it got ALOT of use. It doesn’t look like knit picks carries them anymore so I had to find a similar style on Amazon.

      • The one I purchased from Amazon a few weeks ago is a Stanwood. The one I originally had from Knit Picks was the purple one they sold for $20. I didn’t want to pay too much for the winder so I that is how I ended up at Amazon : )

      • I didn’t have plans on paying that much either but, when I read the reviews for the purple Knit Picks version they weren’t very good. I heard nothing but positive reviews about the Royal. Also, I didn’t know where else to buy a ball winder other than Knit Picks so that’s how I bought that one. How does your new Stanwood work?

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