Day 7: Looking Forward


Well, today is the last day of knitting and crochet blog week and today we are asked to think about where we hope our crafts will takes up, be it through new techniques, projects, and experiences. 

A few weeks ago I started my newest knitting/yarn adventure –  dyeing yarns to sell on Etsy.  It is something that I have wanted to do for a few years now and only now have the time to really settle into the process.  With Miss Emme, being so young and soon enough in the grabby phase, I don’t see any majorly complicated projects in my future.  It is true that I have never knit a sweater or even more than one sock, but I highly doubt that either of those are going to be happening in the next year.  So instead I will return to my favorites – the sock yarn blanket, the beekeeper’s quilt, or log cabin.  I have a log cabin quilt on the needles that is picked up when I have time, but my focus now is to knit a beekeeper’s quilt using my hand-dyed yarn.  The picture above is one that I took a few days ago of my progress with this new beekeeper’s quilt – I’m loving this Yarny Cakes quilt and hope that working with my own yarn will keep me from buzzing away to a new project. 

We’ll have to see!


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