WIPS (Work in Progress) Wednesday!

I’ve decided to make every Wednesdays posts be about my current projects.  I only have 2 going on right now and that is more than enough!  I needed simple projects to focus on (or not focus on as it were) during my breaks with Miss Emme.  For example, she’s nursing while I type of this post – it’s all about the multitasking I tell you!  Posting about my project progress weekly will also help to keep me motivated as I’ll have a goal of sorts to achieve.  I can’t very well have a progress post if I haven’t made any progress – that would just be silly!  I’m also planning to post links to these projects in the menu above –

YarnyCakes Beekeeper’s Quilt

I started knitting these puffs just last week and have just about 12 completed!  How many I end up knitting up is really going to depend on how much yarn I end up dyeing, but I at least have enough for 50 or so puffs and I’m adding more yarn each day!  My favorite of this collection is definitely my rainbow puff on the top.  The picture on the right is of my most current puff.  It is almost finished!  I love these pictures because they were taken on this gorgeous first day of May in a park that Miss Emme and I discovered today.  She got to have her stroll around the park and I got to sit and knit a bit while she took in the sites.  All around a win-win.  I can see up heading back to that park in the near future…perhaps even tomorrow!



Madelinetosh Log Cabin Quilt

My absolute favorite yarn is Madelinetosh merino light.  It is just such a soft and delicious yarn.  At one point, I had all of the colorways for TML, but then I decided that my yarn hoarding was bit out of control and decided to share the love with other Ravelers and sold a bunch of it at a discounted price.  I would never be able to part with all of it though and kept quite a bit for myself to make this quilt.

I have been knitting like crazy on this the past few days – I knit two puffs and spend the rest of the my knitting time on the log cabin as it takes significantly longer, especially as the rows become so much longer.  I’m hoping to have this rectangle finished by next Wednesday, but we’ll see what happens!  I knit quite a bit on it last night when Mr. Yarny Cakes insisted that we watch the movie, “The Punisher.”  This is the perfect TV watching project for sure!  I have a grand plan of what I would like it to look like, but those ideas are still being mulled over.  In the meantime, may I present, the first several rounds of my rectangular log cabin square!


How do you keep yourself accountable with your knitting projects?


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