New Yarny Cakes Yarns!


Two blog posts in one day!  I am making up for lost blogging time tonight – enjoy!

It has been several days since I was able to dye any yarn and I am really missing my mason jars!  It has been a busy few days and Miss Emme and I have been out and about a lot during the days!  My primary dyeing also used to be in the mornings before Emme woke up, but she is beginning to go to sleep earlier so she is waking earlier.  This is a great developmental step though and means that I get to spend more time with Mr. YarnyCakes in the evenings!

Anyway, the last two colorways that I was able to dye are ‘kumatage’ and ‘pabouche’

‘Pabouche’ was a bit of a mistake, but a happy mistake!  There truly are no really bad mistakes with dyeing…except for maybe one that I pulled off last week in which I was dyeing greens and blues, but the jars still had some pink dye in them.  Whoops.  Still, it’s not the end of the world and it is so unique that it may find its way to my Etsy shop anyway!

I don’t see much yarn dyeing happening this weekend with all my family visiting, but I may be able to get a skein or two dyed tomorrow morning before company arrives…but I guess the floors need to be vacuumed. That’s a fiber lover’s problem right there – housework versus playing with yarn.


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