WIP Wednesday – a day late, as it were


Well, Wednesday got away from me yesterday so I missed posting my WIP Wednesday post.  I am trying to get things ready for all of my family who will be visiting for my first mother’s day.  But no matter – here is the update today!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been moving full speed ahead on my log cabin blanket project.  I worked out more of the details of what I would like the finished blanket to contain and started to play around with colors.  As odd as it sounds, colors always seem to be where I get derailed with long-term, large scale projects.  Either there are too few colors, too many colors, I begin to doubt how the colors will look together, I introduce new colors and decide they don’t belong – the list could go on and on!

I’m determined now that I will proceed only with the colors I have chosen with the hope that I won’t end up derailed this time around!  I may throw a hexipuff or two in there if I hit a snag or need a change of scenery, but I’m hoping to turn over a new knitting leaf!  In terms of goals, I met the one I set for myself last week when I completed the rectangular log cabin square and also completed a mitered square (boy are those fun to knit!).  I’m going to continue with these two styles in different sizes and see where I end up!  The other thing that I really need to get in the habit of doing is weaving in ends as I go!  You’ll notice all of the little ends popping out in the picture above – weaving in ends has just always been my least favorite part.  It should be one of my favorite parts though because it signals the end in a piece/project, but just knitting is so much more fun!

Next week’s goal: One more log cabin square and one more mitered square


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