Back to Dyeing I go!


Wheee, I’m back after a few days hiatus.  I wasn’t able to find a moment to write while family was here visiting with the Yarny Cakes family for my first mother’s day : )  Miss Emme had a great time with her family, especially her Grandpa.  All family left this morning, but I certainly did have some yarn soaking, getting ready to be dyed this afternoon, hehe.  I am going back to straight-up kettle dyeing and giving my lovely Mason jars a rest for now.  I love the uncertainty (well, slight uncertainty) of how well all of the colors will play together as the dyes are poured into the dye bath.  I have only dyed a few skeins using this method before the mason jars grabbed a hold of me, but I’m back and have been eyeing the color wheel to see what will work!

This method is a bit more hands-on than the mason jar method so I must resume my “naptime ninja” activities and get the process started while Miss Emme snoozes.  I must say, I am quite impressed with myself dyeing yarn, getting the laundry rotated, straightening up around the house, updating my blog, AND getting some knitting in during naptime.  She is just to the phase where she is really starting to grab at my circular needle cord while I’m knitting with her on my lap.  More on my knitting adventures tomorrow.  For now, I’m off to order more yarn for my creations!



3 thoughts on “Back to Dyeing I go!

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