Photography Friday

Here is Miss Emme enjoying the blanket that was made by the wonderful women in the Vanna’s Choice Fan Club group on Ravelry to celebrate her birth. She just loves it and it is the perfect playmat for her now that she is rolling all over the place.


Felicity – A New Yarny Cakes yarn



Things have been busy with the Yarny Cakes family so I’ve been away a bit. Miss Emme is really starting to get this rolling over thing down and she has shifted her bedtime so I’ve had to adjust my routine a bit. Ultimately this means that my naptime ninja act that was so successful in the mornings is now a bit limited as she wakes up earlier. Clearly I need to fall back and regroup – I’ve been a bit out of sync since we returned from our long road trip. Time to get it together, but I am at Miss Emme’s whim so I am following her lead!

That being said, I have been steadily dyeing more yarn, but haven’t posted any delicious pictures for a while. I have quite a few skeins that need ti be re-skeined and they’ll be ready to go.

I had wanted to get all of the previously dyed yarns sorted out and up in the shop before delving into my newest line of yarn.   I have missed dyeing yarn and think that tomorrow is as good a day as any to dive in!

The new line features a sock weight yarn consistibg of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon – (yum!) – still deciding on the name.  Somehow I ended up with names relating to happiness so I’ll stick with that. The front runner is felicity. Now I just need to decide on colors. I have been playing around with solids, but for these darlings, I may go back to my beloved variegated. Oh the possibilities!

In keeping with the Yarny Cakes name, I have also been baking a bit. My friend asked me to bake something for her yard sale and she didn’t have a preference on flavor. Mr. YarnyCakes recommended straight up vanilla on vanilla, but I thought that would be to boring so I stuck with the vanilla cake, but whipped up a raspberry white chocolate buttercream. For kicks, I topped each one with a sugared fresh raspberry. I leave you with the sneak peek pic I sent to my friend while the sugared raspberries were drying.

Birthdays and Mitered Squares


Today is my birthday and for the first time in years, it isn’t raining! I just had to celebrate the beauty of the day and take a photo during my favorite time of day. (Mornings have always been my favorite time of day, there is a calm in the morning that morphs into a different pace as the day progresses).
Miss Emme is still asleep and likely will be for the next 30 minutes.

On the knitting front, I confess that I haven’t knit any hexipuffs for the oast few days because I have been in love with my log cabin blanket and have focused on it solely during my free knitting times. Pictures of that to come tomorrow during  WIP Wednesday! I’m off to enjoy the 80 degree weather with Miss Emme!

Yarny Good News indeed!

Yippee!  I was invited to showcase my yarns at a local craft fair in October!  How exciting – I guess I need to start planning what I will be taking and perhaps even branch out into other weight yarns, but I just love me some sock yarn!  I have all summer to prepare what I want to bring with me and how I want to arrange the space.  This will be my first time doing something like this and I want to make sure I get it right!  More information to come!

On other yarny fronts, I received some new Madelinetosh colors yesterday.  Lord knows I can’t resist the tosh.  It just grabs a hold of me.  It is just as gorgeous as I knew it would be!  It is all for my log cabin blanket project. I was happy that I was able to pick up some of the newest colorways including Esoteric, Robin’s Breast Red, and Sand Dunes.  Here are the TML color collections for the log cabin blanket:


TML Norway Spruce, Esoteric, and Water Well

Madelinetosh Merino Light

TML Windowpane and Baltic

Madelinetosh Merino Light

TML Fig, Bark, Glazed Pecan, Sand Dunes, and Milk

Greys - Madelinetosh Merino Light

TML Charcoal, Smokestack, Luster, and Antler

Red - Madelinetosh Merino Light

TML Robin’s Breast Red

Madelinetosh Merino Light

TML Winter Wheat, Oak, Olivia, and Tannehill

Yellows - Madelinetosh Merino Light

Chamomile, Candlewick, Butter, and Nutmeg


Exploring Libraries and A Bit about Me

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but when I’m not being a yarn dyeing diva or a new mom to Miss Emme, I am a branch librarian at the second largest branch of an urban library in Upstate New York.  It is cheesy to say, but I have always loved libraries and remember my grandfather taking me to the local library when I was a child.  He would walk me up to the third floor, the children’s floor and he would go hang out in the adult’s section to read the newspaper.  When I was ready to go, I would tiptoe through the adult section and go sit (quietly) at his table while he finished reading.  That was one quiet library!

When I graduated several years ago, I knew that I was either going to get a Ph.D, pursue a teaching career, or go to graduate school for information science.  Working at a library seemed the most fun so that is the route I took!

The library where I work is relatively quiet, but it has a community center atmosphere which I actually love.  There are tons of regulars who stop by the desk to catch-up or just chit chat.  Before becoming the branch librarian, I was a part time youth services librarian, so I’ve sort of done a bit of everything.  To say that I love to help people is also pretty cliche, but that is the truth.

One of the most rewarding moments for me is helping somebody who has previously dismissed themselves as “amateur” or “never going to figure this out” reaching that point of realization that yes, they can indeed do it.  When somebody comes in with that attitude, I just remind them that we all were beginners at one point.  One instance that come to mind are a gentleman who I helped build his resume, create an email address and to post his resume online to apply came in extremely happy just to thank me for my efforts because he had gotten a job.  Clearly it was his own merits that got him the job, I just helped him figure out the tools he needed to show off those skills.  Another of my favorites, is a senior gentleman who had gotten a Kindle for Christmas and didn’t know the first thing about it.  Through a series of one-on-one teaching sessions, I showed him the ins and outs and before long he was quite proficient.

All of this brings me around to the fact that I’ve been living in my community for over 2 years and have only been to my local library once.  It would have been easier to go if it was within the same library system where I worked, but alas, it is not because we are just over a county line.  So today Emme and I took a trip to our local library and I must say it was rather nice.  The collection is a decent size and they have a TON of romance paperbacks which are my guilty pleasure.  (I always make sure to grab at least one “real” book to balance it out!)  The staff was quite friendly and I enjoyed playing at being a library patron/customer.  Once I get to know them all better, I’ll let them know that I am “one of them,” but for now, I’ll just being a mom with a baby picking out board books once a week.

I made myself stay away from the knitting books this trip because I didn’t have enough room to carry all of the books I likely would have checked out and Miss Emme was on the verge of a meltdown because she hadn’t gotten a good nap.  Next time though!

Relaxing Sunday topped off with Game of Thrones

I have a sleeping baby lying on me so I’m sort of stuck here on the couch for a little bit, bit it’s a good time to get in some knitting!  I’m continuing with the complementary color dyeing and I posted a couple more skeins to the Etsy store. They are ‘quiosquos’ and ‘telary.’  These are definitely my favorites so far although ‘eadness’ is cute beautiful too!

QuisQuos and Telary collage

I dyed up another skein if yarn this morning hoping for the colors to turn out flamingo like.  Not sure that I succeeded, but I’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.  My motto remains that “there are no mistakes with hand dyeing…sometimes you just get a surprise.”

My business cards arrived yesterday – yay! They look even better in person.  I’m planning to include one in each of the orders I send out with a coupon code and yarn details.  Too bad they weren’t here for my first thr

ee orders, I made due and created a version of sorts:


It’s Sunday and Sunday means that there is an awesome show or two on HBO tonight. Mr. YarnyCakes and I can’t wait until the new episode of Game of Thrones tonight. Last week’s episode ended with quite a bang!  My favorite story plots are John Snow and Daenerys – I wish they had more of them in the episodes, but there are just so many characters that we need to stay updated on!  It is just such a ridiculously good show. The intrigue,  betrayal,  plotting, and characters have me riveted to the TV.

Domestic Diva Saturday and Knitting Update

Korben and Tosh

I had a pretty busy day (see below), but I was able to work on my  log cabin knitting project.  Here is a progress picture:That’s my little Korben staring down a skein of my madelinetosh.  He only likes my “good” yarn and has made a few skeins of Noro his playthings, but he knows better than to touch the tosh.  I have on more than one occasion told him to step away from the tosh because “it costs more than he did.” When I was making a Beekeeper’s Quilt using madtosh, he loved to steal the little hexipuffs.  Sigh.  It never got old with him either.  Oh well, it was adorable and they made great cat toys.

Back to the knitting…I know, I know there doesn’t seem to be much progress since my last progress pic, but that is only because I frogged the cream section (colorway is ‘luster’).  The plan is to finish off this rectangle with ‘winter wheat’, ‘olivia’, and ‘tannehill’.  I’m going to work on it a bit more tonight!

Alright, the title was an alliteration fail with the title, but man oh man was I productive today!  The morning started with me waking up to see Mr. YarnyCakes off to work (he doesn’t typically work weekends at all, but these are special circumstance).

  • Miss Emme was still asleep so I decided to get some more yarn wound up and dyed.  I was able to post ‘Ramie‘ and the second skein of ‘Mirabilia‘ that I finished yesterday to the Etsy store.  I also dyed up another complementary scheme of blue, blue-violet, teal, and orange (love it!).  Here is a pic of ‘Ramie’:
  • I cleaned up around the house and devised a weekly cleaning schedule so I don’t get so overwhelmed and have to do everything in one day.
  • I went shopping with Miss Emme for some more clothes – she’s growing so quickly and needed some new things.  Perfect excuse to shop.
  • When we got home, she was out for her late afternoon long nap so I cranked up the classical station (cranked up and classical don’t really seem to go in the same sentence, but there you have it), put the windows down and left her sleeping in the car while I working in the yard for bit.  (Don’t worry, I stayed very close to the car while I was working so she was quite supervised).  Our yard is pretty large, about half an acre and I was tired of it looking like the ugly yard on the street.  I didn’t get to rake too many leaves last fall because of the pregnancy so there were still lots of leaves on the ground.
  • Made dinner – breakfast for dinner, nothing gourmet, but always a delight!
  • KNIT!

I guess I would have pushed the domestic divaness over the top if I had gone grocery shopping too, but there is only so much I can do with Miss Emme…and my feet hurt after all of that yard work.