Etsy Shop Update Friday!

I was able to dye up some of the new yarns about a week ago, but with a friend visiting for the weekend, I wasn’t able to re-skein them and get them posted to my Etsy shop.  Well, I woke up with determination this morning (and Miss Emme decided to sleep a bit late this morning) so I was get pictures and get my lovelies up in the shop.  The majority of my yarns up to this point have been extremely saturated so I decided to go with a lighter method.  I’m really pleased with the skeins and have decided to make these part of a new collection that reminds me of watercolor paintings.  Without further ado, I give you ‘ocatarine’ and ‘aleger’




The Best Intentions

Well, I really thought that I would have time to re-skein at least one of the new yarns last night, but mother nature had other ideas!  Imagine my surprise when I found out that no only were we forecasted to get torrential rain, but also a tornado warning!  Since it was just Miss Emme and I, I decided to instead spend my free moments getting the house ready for the high winds and the rain.

Just when I thought we weren’t going to get hit too hard, the sky opened up and there went the power.  Now Mr. Yarny Cakes is pretty awesome and has our entire house connected to a generator that powers just about everything except the stove.  So there I was sitting in the candlelight with the baby wondering if I should bother to go get the generator running.  I had been given a brief rundown of the steps when Mr. Yarny Cakes first installed it, but that floated out of my head.  (I learn by doing, so I probably should have done a run through…)  I eventually decided that it was a must because no power=flooding basement because the sump pump is off.  That and I really don’t like wandering around in the dark needlessly.

I was able to consult with Mr. Yarny Cakes and get the thing sorted just in time for Miss Emme’s bedtime so it was quite nice to have power as night set-in. 

Long story short, I didn’t get the yarn wound up.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it tomorrow either, I’ll just play it by ear.  For now, I think it’s time for some well deserved relaxation time!

And we’re back!

Tonal Collection


The Yarny Cakes family enjoyed a lovely weekend visiting with family. Miss Emme was a trooper during her first car ride and only had a couple major meltdowns during the 26 hour roundtrip adventure. She was quite happy to be home yesterday and is relaxing. If not for her doctor’s appointment this morning, she would be having what I refer to as a not-real-baby-person-day which occurs when she wears jammies all day, haha.

Also back is the Yarny Cakes Etsy store! Before leaving last week, I finished dyeing all of the semi-solid yarns and created draft listings for them. Now I just need to re-skein and photograph each one and they’ll be ready to go! Here is a sneak peek of them together!

Birthdays and Mitered Squares


Today is my birthday and for the first time in years, it isn’t raining! I just had to celebrate the beauty of the day and take a photo during my favorite time of day. (Mornings have always been my favorite time of day, there is a calm in the morning that morphs into a different pace as the day progresses).
Miss Emme is still asleep and likely will be for the next 30 minutes.

On the knitting front, I confess that I haven’t knit any hexipuffs for the oast few days because I have been in love with my log cabin blanket and have focused on it solely during my free knitting times. Pictures of that to come tomorrow during  WIP Wednesday! I’m off to enjoy the 80 degree weather with Miss Emme!

WIPS (Work in Progress) Wednesday!

I’ve decided to make every Wednesdays posts be about my current projects.  I only have 2 going on right now and that is more than enough!  I needed simple projects to focus on (or not focus on as it were) during my breaks with Miss Emme.  For example, she’s nursing while I type of this post – it’s all about the multitasking I tell you!  Posting about my project progress weekly will also help to keep me motivated as I’ll have a goal of sorts to achieve.  I can’t very well have a progress post if I haven’t made any progress – that would just be silly!  I’m also planning to post links to these projects in the menu above –

YarnyCakes Beekeeper’s Quilt

I started knitting these puffs just last week and have just about 12 completed!  How many I end up knitting up is really going to depend on how much yarn I end up dyeing, but I at least have enough for 50 or so puffs and I’m adding more yarn each day!  My favorite of this collection is definitely my rainbow puff on the top.  The picture on the right is of my most current puff.  It is almost finished!  I love these pictures because they were taken on this gorgeous first day of May in a park that Miss Emme and I discovered today.  She got to have her stroll around the park and I got to sit and knit a bit while she took in the sites.  All around a win-win.  I can see up heading back to that park in the near future…perhaps even tomorrow!



Madelinetosh Log Cabin Quilt

My absolute favorite yarn is Madelinetosh merino light.  It is just such a soft and delicious yarn.  At one point, I had all of the colorways for TML, but then I decided that my yarn hoarding was bit out of control and decided to share the love with other Ravelers and sold a bunch of it at a discounted price.  I would never be able to part with all of it though and kept quite a bit for myself to make this quilt.

I have been knitting like crazy on this the past few days – I knit two puffs and spend the rest of the my knitting time on the log cabin as it takes significantly longer, especially as the rows become so much longer.  I’m hoping to have this rectangle finished by next Wednesday, but we’ll see what happens!  I knit quite a bit on it last night when Mr. Yarny Cakes insisted that we watch the movie, “The Punisher.”  This is the perfect TV watching project for sure!  I have a grand plan of what I would like it to look like, but those ideas are still being mulled over.  In the meantime, may I present, the first several rounds of my rectangular log cabin square!


How do you keep yourself accountable with your knitting projects?

Shawl Geometry: Wedge Circles

A truly valuable knitting series if you are a fan of knitted shawls!

Holly Chayes Designs

This is the second post (out of 15) in a series about different shawl shapes and how to knit them.
The introduction post, which lays out the game plan can be found… thisaway.


The Wedge Circle

There are various ways to create a circular shawl. The first way is to evenly increasing 8 stitches every other round to form wedges.

Circle Wedges Cent out

CO 8sts. Join in round, being careful not to twist.
R1: [k1, yo, pm] 8x.
R2: Knit around.
R3: [k to marker, yo, sm] 8x.
R4: Knit around.
Rep R3&4.
This shaping actually creates an octagon, which you then block into a circle.


To make the swirl curl in the opposite direction simply [yo, k to marker] every other round, rather then [k to marker, yo].

To work a circular shawl made up of wedges from the hem to center, use the same concept and similar formulas as working…

View original post 281 more words

Knitting – (FINALLY!), Cupcakes, and a Second Sale

This blog is called YarnyCakes so on occasion I will showcase the cupcakes that I bake.  They haven’t been really fancy, but I sort of have this reputation for being the cupcake wife at Mr. YarnyCake’s job.   Last night I promised Mr. YarnyCakes that I would bake up some cupcakes for the hardworking folks at his job.  He requested his all time favorite – peanut butter cup stuffed chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream.  Peanut butter isn’t really my thing so I usually like making these as I typically won’t eat any of the resulting cupcakes.  Miss Emme was great while we went to the store to pick up the missing ingredients and was fabulous while I was actually baking the cupcakes and making the buttercream.  She lunched and went down for a nap so I thought that I would be able to frost the cupcakes slowly with care.  Nope, no such luck.  She awoke from her nap as soon as the first of the buttercream was piped on.  It was then that I realized that not only did I have the wrong icing tip on, but that the icing was too thick too.  ~sigh~  I only had time to fix one before the fussiness became a full on meltdown, so I grabbed the heavy cream and went about the icing business.  Here are the finished cupcakes.  Not my showiest cupcakes, but I’m sure the guys were quite happy with them!  They are almost cute with all that messiness…almost.


On the yarn dyeing front, I would say that the second Mason Jar experiment was a success!  I used purple dye and the colors stretched all the way across the yarn become very blue.  The problem (or maybe it’s not a problem at all) with dyeing this way is once the acid is added to the dye bath, it only permeates the yarn in the dye bath and doesn’t seem to travel up the skein the way the dye did.  For this reason, a lot of the vivid light blue rinsed out with the first spray, but it left just enough of an echo behind to be beautiful.  To seal these colors in place, I did one final water/vinegar bath simmering.  The skein unfortunately got a bit mussed in the water somehow (perhaps I’ll tie it next time) so no picture, but once I get it straightened out and ready for its Etsy store debut.

Speaking of the Etsy Store, the wonderful complementary experiment ‘Eadness’ sold today!  I have another brewing right now and believe that I have perfected the recipe.  Hopefully this trend continues because I am too addicted to yarn dyeing at this point to stop!  On that note, I think I’ll go grab the box of yarn the FedEx guy dropped off for me that is waiting on the porch!

On a final note, I’m happy to report that I’ve picked up my knitting needles again!  Emme and I have a morning routine – we wake up when Mr. YarnyCakes is getting ready for work, we breakfast and freshen up…then we lounge in bed while I watch Good Morning America/Mike and Mike and she takes her morning nap.  Well today I decided to add something new to the mix – knitting.  It really is the perfect time to knit, how have I not thought of this before?  I came down to the craft room and found a bag of Madelinetosh merino light and decided to use it for log cabining purposes!  It is nice mindless knitting to keep my hands busy, has enough color changes to stay interesting, and it’s portable!  I started with a rectangle:

Knitting Finally4.17.13