New Tonal Yarns – Part 1

Rhyton Qually Collage


About a week ago I was super excited to post my newest colors to my Etsy store, even posted a teaser pic!  Well, I gave myself a night to relax after Miss Emme had gone to sleep for the evening…what ended up awaiting me really threw a wrench into the plans of re-skeining each of the colors.  Since I absolutely loved the blue skein and I had dyed it first, I decided to start with that one.  Well, I’m not sure what happened, but I had a brain lapse or something because I ended up putting the skein on the swift wrong!  How in the world does that happen??  I clearly didn’t divide it down the middle correctly and ended up with a bit of a mess.  It was a manageable mess since all of the yarn was contained on the swift, but there were just lots of tangles.  ~sigh~  So that has been the delay with getting the new yarn up in the shop.  I wanted to take my time and very very very very gently untangle the yarn and I finally accomplished that earlier today!

I have decided to name the colorway ‘Rhyton’

While I was at it, I also re-skeined the purple yarn which I have called ‘Qually’  They are both up in my Etsy store now!


The Best Intentions

Well, I really thought that I would have time to re-skein at least one of the new yarns last night, but mother nature had other ideas!  Imagine my surprise when I found out that no only were we forecasted to get torrential rain, but also a tornado warning!  Since it was just Miss Emme and I, I decided to instead spend my free moments getting the house ready for the high winds and the rain.

Just when I thought we weren’t going to get hit too hard, the sky opened up and there went the power.  Now Mr. Yarny Cakes is pretty awesome and has our entire house connected to a generator that powers just about everything except the stove.  So there I was sitting in the candlelight with the baby wondering if I should bother to go get the generator running.  I had been given a brief rundown of the steps when Mr. Yarny Cakes first installed it, but that floated out of my head.  (I learn by doing, so I probably should have done a run through…)  I eventually decided that it was a must because no power=flooding basement because the sump pump is off.  That and I really don’t like wandering around in the dark needlessly.

I was able to consult with Mr. Yarny Cakes and get the thing sorted just in time for Miss Emme’s bedtime so it was quite nice to have power as night set-in. 

Long story short, I didn’t get the yarn wound up.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it tomorrow either, I’ll just play it by ear.  For now, I think it’s time for some well deserved relaxation time!

And we’re back!

Tonal Collection


The Yarny Cakes family enjoyed a lovely weekend visiting with family. Miss Emme was a trooper during her first car ride and only had a couple major meltdowns during the 26 hour roundtrip adventure. She was quite happy to be home yesterday and is relaxing. If not for her doctor’s appointment this morning, she would be having what I refer to as a not-real-baby-person-day which occurs when she wears jammies all day, haha.

Also back is the Yarny Cakes Etsy store! Before leaving last week, I finished dyeing all of the semi-solid yarns and created draft listings for them. Now I just need to re-skein and photograph each one and they’ll be ready to go! Here is a sneak peek of them together!

Watch Your Tone ::wink::


I must say, my favorite part of yarn dyeing so far has been planning my grand color plans.  I typically start with my notebook, pen, and a picture of the color wheel on my phone and try to visualize how colors will look when combined.  This process can only tell me so much because I’m never quite sure how the colors will mesh once the dyes swirling around the yarns.  I feel like a crafty scientist in my laboratory as I add more “ingredients” to the pot, anxiously awaiting the finished result, and hoping for success.  (As I always so though, they are no mistakes with yarn dyeing, maybe a few surprises!)

My experiments for the past couple of days have led me down a tonal path that I am more than happy to follow!  The majority of my yarns up to this point have been highly variegated (because I love the look of them), but with my newest shipment of superwash merino, I decided to devote skeins to one family of colors.  To that end, I have dyed a skein each of greens, blues, and burnt orange/bright orange,  all of which I adore!  The blue and green skeins were completed today and are drying, but I just couldn’t resist taking a picture of the blue skein before it went onto the rack.  The lighting isn’t the best since I took it at night time under artificial light, but there will certainly be more pictures to come!


I’m experiencing both a knitting and writer’s block.  The solution to each is to make myself take part in the activity that is eluding me.  So here is my attempt to push past writer’s block!

Miss Emme and I have been visiting lots of parks recently and found a perfect retreat to visit each day.  There are paths through wooded areas, open areas, and around a lake.  She seems to love being outdoors in her stroller and that suits me just fine because it may give me a chance to actually use my jogging stroller for it’s intended purpose.  For now we’ve been enjoying some super serious power walks!

While in the parks, I like to take some time to just relax and be outside so I find a bench and park myself and Miss Emme and stitch for a bit.  My time spent knitting in the park isn’t usually long though as Miss Emme typically won’t nap during our fast paced strolls because she likes to take in all of the sites!  I was previously having all sorts of issues with the best way to carry my supplies.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have a TON of bags-large, small, long, wide, zippered, handled, clutch-you name it, I have it!  Or so I thought.  Since the diaper bag has pretty much replaced my purse, I decided that I wanted a bag that wouldn’t be in the way so I went off in search of something that I could put around my wrist.

I didn’t have to look too far luckily and it was only a click away from an ad on one of the Ravelry pages I was visiting.  I was led to the Knotted Bag etsy shop and promptly fell in love with a bag that featured two of my favorite things – owls and cupcakes!  Thus my park knitting kit was born!  The project that I am carrying with me nowadays are my two-color mitered squares!  I’m off to work on my mitered squares to help me get over this knitter’s block!

Park Knitting Kit

New Yarns in the Shop!

I believe that I will make Thursday the day I recap the yarns that I have dyed the previous week and have posted in my shop!.  I already know that next Thursday I won’t be able to post about the new yarns because The Yarny Cakes family is headed to visit some family cupcakes for the long weekend : )

But that shouldn’t be a reason to not start a blogging tradition, right?  Since I had a bit of a dyeing break over the weekend, I only have 3 offerings for the past week, but I am in love with each one!  My favorite is ‘calodemon’ though because I am a sucker for blue-greens (teal, turquoise, aqua, etc) paired with warm tones.




WIP Wednesday…Progress, what’s that?

Well, work in progress Wednesday typically means that some progress of some sort has been made on some sort of project.
I’m here to tell you that I completely failed in that respect and have instead spent the last week planning plans.  Hahaha – I really am staying true to my bee knitting type – I’m all over the place over here!

While I was knitting mitered squares to sprinkle into my log cabin blanket, I got intrigued with the possibility of knitting a two color mitered square.  So all of my efforts and time were diverted to that front and many attempts of making a neat looking square.  I had my a-ha moment on Sunday night have been perfecting the technique every since!  And with a new technique, comes the plan of a new project – yay!  So I got out my color pencils and graph paper and went to town…and then I needed new yarn to make this vision possible.  So yep, not only did I not make any meaningful progress on my currently projects, I managed to start a new project AND buy more yarn.  I would hang my head in shame, but I have to keep an eye on the tracking for my new yarn as it makes its way across the country!  Hahaha.  I’m keeping that project under wraps for now until I actually make some progress on it – ha!

Now I don’t want it to seem like I haven’t done anything for yarn for the past week!  No sir!  The night before last I was up cleaning the house at 2:00am and some how I ended up in my yarn room, where all of the yarn on the shelves was teasing me.  I really need to make some space to store all of the yarns I am dyeing, but the only way to do that is to use up some of the yarn on the shelves (novel concept there!).

I have a TON of Vanna’s Choice yarn and was collecting it for years.  So what in the world should I do with all of this yarn?  The Wool-Eaters Blanket. of course!  The stitches used really gobble up yarn and I hope that the color changes will keep me interested!  If I get too bored, I could always finish off the project at a reasonable point and then donate the small blanket to the animal shelter.  I’ll see how far I get and go from there!  Mission make space on the shelf is underway!