Felicity – A New Yarny Cakes yarn



Things have been busy with the Yarny Cakes family so I’ve been away a bit. Miss Emme is really starting to get this rolling over thing down and she has shifted her bedtime so I’ve had to adjust my routine a bit. Ultimately this means that my naptime ninja act that was so successful in the mornings is now a bit limited as she wakes up earlier. Clearly I need to fall back and regroup – I’ve been a bit out of sync since we returned from our long road trip. Time to get it together, but I am at Miss Emme’s whim so I am following her lead!

That being said, I have been steadily dyeing more yarn, but haven’t posted any delicious pictures for a while. I have quite a few skeins that need ti be re-skeined and they’ll be ready to go.

I had wanted to get all of the previously dyed yarns sorted out and up in the shop before delving into my newest line of yarn.   I have missed dyeing yarn and think that tomorrow is as good a day as any to dive in!

The new line features a sock weight yarn consistibg of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon – (yum!) – still deciding on the name.  Somehow I ended up with names relating to happiness so I’ll stick with that. The front runner is felicity. Now I just need to decide on colors. I have been playing around with solids, but for these darlings, I may go back to my beloved variegated. Oh the possibilities!

In keeping with the Yarny Cakes name, I have also been baking a bit. My friend asked me to bake something for her yard sale and she didn’t have a preference on flavor. Mr. YarnyCakes recommended straight up vanilla on vanilla, but I thought that would be to boring so I stuck with the vanilla cake, but whipped up a raspberry white chocolate buttercream. For kicks, I topped each one with a sugared fresh raspberry. I leave you with the sneak peek pic I sent to my friend while the sugared raspberries were drying.



I’m experiencing both a knitting and writer’s block.  The solution to each is to make myself take part in the activity that is eluding me.  So here is my attempt to push past writer’s block!

Miss Emme and I have been visiting lots of parks recently and found a perfect retreat to visit each day.  There are paths through wooded areas, open areas, and around a lake.  She seems to love being outdoors in her stroller and that suits me just fine because it may give me a chance to actually use my jogging stroller for it’s intended purpose.  For now we’ve been enjoying some super serious power walks!

While in the parks, I like to take some time to just relax and be outside so I find a bench and park myself and Miss Emme and stitch for a bit.  My time spent knitting in the park isn’t usually long though as Miss Emme typically won’t nap during our fast paced strolls because she likes to take in all of the sites!  I was previously having all sorts of issues with the best way to carry my supplies.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have a TON of bags-large, small, long, wide, zippered, handled, clutch-you name it, I have it!  Or so I thought.  Since the diaper bag has pretty much replaced my purse, I decided that I wanted a bag that wouldn’t be in the way so I went off in search of something that I could put around my wrist.

I didn’t have to look too far luckily and it was only a click away from an ad on one of the Ravelry pages I was visiting.  I was led to the Knotted Bag etsy shop and promptly fell in love with a bag that featured two of my favorite things – owls and cupcakes!  Thus my park knitting kit was born!  The project that I am carrying with me nowadays are my two-color mitered squares!  I’m off to work on my mitered squares to help me get over this knitter’s block!

Park Knitting Kit

Knitting – (FINALLY!), Cupcakes, and a Second Sale

This blog is called YarnyCakes so on occasion I will showcase the cupcakes that I bake.  They haven’t been really fancy, but I sort of have this reputation for being the cupcake wife at Mr. YarnyCake’s job.   Last night I promised Mr. YarnyCakes that I would bake up some cupcakes for the hardworking folks at his job.  He requested his all time favorite – peanut butter cup stuffed chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream.  Peanut butter isn’t really my thing so I usually like making these as I typically won’t eat any of the resulting cupcakes.  Miss Emme was great while we went to the store to pick up the missing ingredients and was fabulous while I was actually baking the cupcakes and making the buttercream.  She lunched and went down for a nap so I thought that I would be able to frost the cupcakes slowly with care.  Nope, no such luck.  She awoke from her nap as soon as the first of the buttercream was piped on.  It was then that I realized that not only did I have the wrong icing tip on, but that the icing was too thick too.  ~sigh~  I only had time to fix one before the fussiness became a full on meltdown, so I grabbed the heavy cream and went about the icing business.  Here are the finished cupcakes.  Not my showiest cupcakes, but I’m sure the guys were quite happy with them!  They are almost cute with all that messiness…almost.


On the yarn dyeing front, I would say that the second Mason Jar experiment was a success!  I used purple dye and the colors stretched all the way across the yarn become very blue.  The problem (or maybe it’s not a problem at all) with dyeing this way is once the acid is added to the dye bath, it only permeates the yarn in the dye bath and doesn’t seem to travel up the skein the way the dye did.  For this reason, a lot of the vivid light blue rinsed out with the first spray, but it left just enough of an echo behind to be beautiful.  To seal these colors in place, I did one final water/vinegar bath simmering.  The skein unfortunately got a bit mussed in the water somehow (perhaps I’ll tie it next time) so no picture, but once I get it straightened out and ready for its Etsy store debut.

Speaking of the Etsy Store, the wonderful complementary experiment ‘Eadness’ sold today!  I have another brewing right now and believe that I have perfected the recipe.  Hopefully this trend continues because I am too addicted to yarn dyeing at this point to stop!  On that note, I think I’ll go grab the box of yarn the FedEx guy dropped off for me that is waiting on the porch!

On a final note, I’m happy to report that I’ve picked up my knitting needles again!  Emme and I have a morning routine – we wake up when Mr. YarnyCakes is getting ready for work, we breakfast and freshen up…then we lounge in bed while I watch Good Morning America/Mike and Mike and she takes her morning nap.  Well today I decided to add something new to the mix – knitting.  It really is the perfect time to knit, how have I not thought of this before?  I came down to the craft room and found a bag of Madelinetosh merino light and decided to use it for log cabining purposes!  It is nice mindless knitting to keep my hands busy, has enough color changes to stay interesting, and it’s portable!  I started with a rectangle:

Knitting Finally4.17.13