Try Something New Thursday!

I have been pretty off of my blogging game lately and I think that it is time that I get myself back on track! In the hopes of doing this, I am assigning myself a topic for each day of the week.  Right now I have topics for 4 of the 7 days so I have some other topics to think of; I could always leave at least one or two open in case something comes up that I simply must blog about ; )

As keeping with the themes that this blog offers, I’ll be discussing family, fiber, and food for the most part!

Without further ado, I give you my first “Try Something New Thursday” post! With these posts, I’m going to to chat about something new that I’ve done during the week – this can be recipes, a knitting or crochet skill, an outing to a new place – anything that is new that I haven’t attempted before!

One of these days, perhaps I’ll add a knitted sweater to this list, but for now I present a new recipe I tried today!  Now I’m going to be honest, Pintrest is a fabulous tool, but I am sorry to admit that I haven gotten some pretty bad recipes from there.  The ingredients in the recipes sound good in theory, the finished dish looks great in the pictures, but something goes wrong somewhere along the line.  I know my way around a kitchen after learning first from my grandmother years ago and continuing to try new things over the years.  So I find myself rescuing these disasters as they occur in my kitchen, making notes on recipes that are actually worth keeping and just throwing in the towel on those that are just beyond help.

Today I challenged myself to come up with something new to do with ground beef – there is always meatballs, hamburgers, tacos, meat sauce for Italian dishes, meatloaf, (Mr. YarnyCakes won’t eat shepherd’s pie ::insert sad face here::), but I wanted something new!  So to Pintrest I went, gingerly sifting through the various recipes until I came across one that kept popping up everywhere – Korean Beef from the Lizzy Writes blog.  After reading all of the glowing reviews, I just had to give it a try.

Man on man, was it DELICIOUS.  A complete and utter win.  I knew I was onto something when Mr. YarnyCakes walked in from work and immediately told me how good it smelled.  I knew that I had a definite keeper when he went back for seconds!

I only made a few modifications:

  • I added vidalia onion and red peppers for flavor, color, and to add some more veggies to the meal.  I sauteed them in the sesame oil instead of using the sesame oil with the ground beef; because I drain all of the fat and grease off the cooked meat, I didn’t want to lose too much of the delicious flavor.
  • I doubled the sauce, but did cut down a bit on the brown sugar – doubling the recipe would have called for a cup of sugar – I used a half cup for the doubled recipe.  Still a lot of sugar, I know.
  • I didn’t have any green onions to include on top so they were left off.
  • Didn’t measure the garlic, just added a bunch – we love garlic in the Yarny Cakes household!
  • Served over jasmine rice with a side of green beans.

If you are looking for something to do with ground beef one evening and need a quick recipe, I highly recommend trying this one!