Ombre Hexipuffs

ombre hexipuffs

Two posts in one day, what a treat!  I need to get myself focused againI’m completely unfocused over here!  I have always been the type of knitter/crocheter who jumps from project to project, but recently my rate of jumping has been absolutely absurd (and if I’m saying that, it must be really bad…)  I must have stopped and started at least 4 projects in the past month – nothing holds my interest.  A lot of it has to do with the balancing act of primarily taking care of Miss Emme, yarn dyeing, and chores (because while Mr. Yarny Cakes doesn’t mind if the house looks like a wreck, I feel out of sorts when the clutter takes over).
Part of the problem may be that now that summer time is my crochet season, but I have no idea what I want to crochet!  Lord knows I have enough yarn to make just about anything, but nothing is striking my fancy.  ~sigh~  At times like this, I typically revert to an easy, dependable pattern that will just keep my hands busy so a babette is always a possibility, but that is way too many ends to weave in.  So all that happens is that I end up right back at the beekeeper’s quilt.  All of my knitting roads seem to lead back to this easy portable project.  To that end, I rummaged through my yarn room and found some yarns that work for an ombre of pinks.

I’ll have to admit, my attention span these days is so short that the color changes every few rows of a hexipuff is keeping me interested in these little guys.  I fear that I will end up tired of the colors before long so I’ll have to change things up!  The yarns I am using are cascade heritage sock – love this stuff, lots of yarn, great colors, and the price isn’t outrageous.

Mini-skeins and Hexipuffs

Pack 1 MiniSkein Collage

The beekeeper’s quilt is a pattern that I will always come back to because it is so beautiful and each little puff is a project in and of itself.  What got me thinking about hexipuffs are those adorable little yarn skeins called mini-skeins.  They are so lovely, versatile, and provide just enough yarn to create something fun and quick.  With all of this yarn that I have been dyeing, I was wondering if I would every use any myself to knit something. Well, mini-skeins provide me that opportunity without having to use an entire skein!

To that end, I have been quite busy with my yarn dyeing today!  I woke up this morning and remembered that when I originally started this whole hand dyeing business that I wanted to sell mini-skeins.  I originally started out with dividing a 100 gram skein into 10 mini-skeins and then dyeing each one individually.  Needless to say, that was rather labor intensive and not at all efficient. I decided to put a halt on the mini-skein adventure and dye up a bunch of full skeins and get an inventory started so I could get the Etsy going.

Fast forward a few weeks and I finally have the inventory to get back to it!  I am dividing skeins that I have already dyed into 10 gram/45 yard mini-skeins.  Since I created 2 skeins of each of the Spring collection, I decided to scale each of the 8 colorways back to just one on sale and use the additional to make my first batch of mini-skeins.  Yay!  I completed one set today as a trial and am pretty happy with it!  The colorways included in the picture above are, clockwise – ‘daffodil,’ ‘tulip bouquet,’ spring dawn,’ and ‘flowers in showers.’

I am going to create mini-skein sets by dyeing more of the yarns that are currently in my store, namely the yarns that I consider part of the “complementary connection” collection.  I dyed up additional skeins of ‘quisquos’ and ‘telary’ today and plan to create another ‘eadness’ and a new colorway that I haven’t posted my Etsy store yet called ‘mabsoot.’  For now I have just the one set up for store, but there will be many more to follow!