Photography Friday

Here is Miss Emme enjoying the blanket that was made by the wonderful women in the Vanna’s Choice Fan Club group on Ravelry to celebrate her birth. She just loves it and it is the perfect playmat for her now that she is rolling all over the place.



I’m experiencing both a knitting and writer’s block.  The solution to each is to make myself take part in the activity that is eluding me.  So here is my attempt to push past writer’s block!

Miss Emme and I have been visiting lots of parks recently and found a perfect retreat to visit each day.  There are paths through wooded areas, open areas, and around a lake.  She seems to love being outdoors in her stroller and that suits me just fine because it may give me a chance to actually use my jogging stroller for it’s intended purpose.  For now we’ve been enjoying some super serious power walks!

While in the parks, I like to take some time to just relax and be outside so I find a bench and park myself and Miss Emme and stitch for a bit.  My time spent knitting in the park isn’t usually long though as Miss Emme typically won’t nap during our fast paced strolls because she likes to take in all of the sites!  I was previously having all sorts of issues with the best way to carry my supplies.  Now don’t get me wrong, I have a TON of bags-large, small, long, wide, zippered, handled, clutch-you name it, I have it!  Or so I thought.  Since the diaper bag has pretty much replaced my purse, I decided that I wanted a bag that wouldn’t be in the way so I went off in search of something that I could put around my wrist.

I didn’t have to look too far luckily and it was only a click away from an ad on one of the Ravelry pages I was visiting.  I was led to the Knotted Bag etsy shop and promptly fell in love with a bag that featured two of my favorite things – owls and cupcakes!  Thus my park knitting kit was born!  The project that I am carrying with me nowadays are my two-color mitered squares!  I’m off to work on my mitered squares to help me get over this knitter’s block!

Park Knitting Kit

WIPS (Work in Progress) Wednesday!

I’ve decided to make every Wednesdays posts be about my current projects.  I only have 2 going on right now and that is more than enough!  I needed simple projects to focus on (or not focus on as it were) during my breaks with Miss Emme.  For example, she’s nursing while I type of this post – it’s all about the multitasking I tell you!  Posting about my project progress weekly will also help to keep me motivated as I’ll have a goal of sorts to achieve.  I can’t very well have a progress post if I haven’t made any progress – that would just be silly!  I’m also planning to post links to these projects in the menu above –

YarnyCakes Beekeeper’s Quilt

I started knitting these puffs just last week and have just about 12 completed!  How many I end up knitting up is really going to depend on how much yarn I end up dyeing, but I at least have enough for 50 or so puffs and I’m adding more yarn each day!  My favorite of this collection is definitely my rainbow puff on the top.  The picture on the right is of my most current puff.  It is almost finished!  I love these pictures because they were taken on this gorgeous first day of May in a park that Miss Emme and I discovered today.  She got to have her stroll around the park and I got to sit and knit a bit while she took in the sites.  All around a win-win.  I can see up heading back to that park in the near future…perhaps even tomorrow!



Madelinetosh Log Cabin Quilt

My absolute favorite yarn is Madelinetosh merino light.  It is just such a soft and delicious yarn.  At one point, I had all of the colorways for TML, but then I decided that my yarn hoarding was bit out of control and decided to share the love with other Ravelers and sold a bunch of it at a discounted price.  I would never be able to part with all of it though and kept quite a bit for myself to make this quilt.

I have been knitting like crazy on this the past few days – I knit two puffs and spend the rest of the my knitting time on the log cabin as it takes significantly longer, especially as the rows become so much longer.  I’m hoping to have this rectangle finished by next Wednesday, but we’ll see what happens!  I knit quite a bit on it last night when Mr. Yarny Cakes insisted that we watch the movie, “The Punisher.”  This is the perfect TV watching project for sure!  I have a grand plan of what I would like it to look like, but those ideas are still being mulled over.  In the meantime, may I present, the first several rounds of my rectangular log cabin square!


How do you keep yourself accountable with your knitting projects?

Day 4 of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013: Color

Yesterday I referenced my yarn room and it is indeed truly my yarn room.  When we purchased our home 2 years ago, one of my requirements was that I have a room where I can display all of my beauties and I took my inspiration from the way yarn stores have their yarns arranged.  I even painted it a funky green! I decided to arrange the yarns according to color instead of by yarn weight because, well, I just love seeing all of the colors together!  I suppose I’m not the neatest yarn organizer, but that’s my style and it works.  As a contrast, I included a picture of my work desk which I do keep meticulously organized so I guess I am just a mix of opposites!

My yarn room is where all of my color selections are ultimately made.  (You’ll also find in this picture my inspiration piggy, weights for when I need a break from crafting, and a romance novel because who doesn’t love the fluff of a good romance novel every now and then?

YarnRoom14.25.13Yarn Room 34.23.13.jpg

For the most part, my favorite colors to knit and crochet with are teals or oranges, although I do love warm colors quite a bit.  Those two are just the main colors that jump to mind when I ask myself what my favorite colors are to work with. Many of my projects over the years have incorporated these colors, but when I wasn’t making resolutions to not buy anymore yarn/finish some of my WIPs my other resolution was to break out of my color bubble as I call it.

If you would like to see more of my UFOs, or unfinished projects, find me on Ravelry – my rav name is Julsa.

Day 3: Infographic


Today we are tasked with exploring other ways to convey information in our blog, namely visually through an infographic.  I did some research into inforgraphics and had several great ideas running around in my mind, but alas I did not have the time or sill necessary to create them.  So I give you instead the main theme of my life as a bee knitter.  I should have titled the line graph some more fitting like, “Startitis” or “Knitting ADD” but I think the title sums it up nice and simply.

The number of projects I have started over the years is shocking.  While the numbers on the graph above are not exactly representative of my knitting style since I started knitting in 2002, the curvature of the lines are definitely the correct skew.  The room where I store all of my knitting supplies should be called “project purgatory” as many are languishing on needles or being stored on extra interchangeable needle cords.  They are trying to figure out if they will every reach their true potential and become what they were meant to be or if they will forever exist as half finished items.  Or worst yet…will they be frogged for the next new thing that grabs my attention.

One of these days, I’ll need to go through my yarn room and rediscover those old WIPS (works in progress) as it is possible that with my flitty attitude, I may just fall in love with them all over again.  The biggest questions will be if

1) I still have all of the yarn to complete the project

2) Do I still have the needles to finish the project

3) And most important – was I a good little bee and kept the pattern with the project?

If you would like to see more of my UFOs, or unfinished projects, find me on Ravelry – my rav name is Julsa.

Day 2: The Mascot Project


As a “bee” knitting type, the mascot projects that I flit back and forth between are long term projects, namely blankets and throws.  In the photo above, I have provided examples of my long-term projects – the top two pictures are two different beekeeper’s quilts that I have started and the bottom pictures are a log cabin baby blanket and one square for the stained glass window afghan.  The only one of these that were finished are a baby version of the Parcheesi Afghan, a log cabin blanket in the bottom left corner and that was mostly because I had promised the baby blanket to somebody Mr. YarnyCakes worked with.  It was an extremely long project, but I finished it because I knew I HAD to.

When I’m not absorbing new techniques and processes, I like to work on relatively easy, brainless projects.  Hexipuffs and log cabin squares provide both of these.  The best thing about these types of projects is that you can just stop them at a certain point and still have a “finished” project.  Many of these projects have morphed into mini versions of what they were supposed to be, namely becoming baby blankets and cat blankets.  This is an example one such blanket.  My stopping point on the babette blanket seems to be section five so many babettes have ended up being about 30×30 inches.  (My three kitty cats love this blanket, especially during the winter months).


So as fitting for the “bee,” I can’t decide on just one mascot project, but have decided that long-term projects that I can switch back and forth between definitely define the bee house for me!  Knitter confession.  I have never finished a pair of socks or a sweater.  I’m clearly not a real knitter, haha.

If you would like to see more of my UFOs, or unfinished projects, find me on Ravelry – my rav name is Julsa.