Mitered Squares!


Well not surprisingly, I ended up getting bored with my last stash yarn project – the wool eater’s blanket.  It wasn’t that I didn’t love the pattern, the rounds were just getting way too long…and boring.  So I have retired that project permanently and decided to have a dig through my knitting library.  I came across one title that is all about squares, in fact it is called Knit to Be Square and has all sorts of patterns.   The pattern that I eventually ended up deciding upon was the pattern that first made me even decide to purchase the book – this lovely rainbow afghan made up of mitered squares.  Now, if I had been thinking about it, I probably could have just figured out how to knit this pattern without buying the book, but it was a bit of an impulsive decision several years ago.  In any case, it was a good thing that I found the book because I now have a new project to (hopefully) use up my stash up Vanna’s Choice yarns.  The colorways I’m using are mustard, terracotta, cranberry, scarlet, raspberry, sapphire, aqua, pea green, dusty green, wildberry, dusty purple, purple, and navy blue.

The colors do match quite well with those called for in the original pattern and the good thing about using the VC yarns is that it is worsted so the squares end up larger.  I have been exclusively knitting with skinny yarn (primarily sock) for the past few months so it was nice to knit with a thicker yarn that produces faster results.  Of course, I put on my “how can I make this project ‘better’ re: make myself crazy and likely not finish” hat and decided to widen the pattern.  I even knit the first row of squares adding more squares, but looking at it, I’m pretty sure that the finished blanket would end up being a behemoth so I’m going to rip back to the original pattern and go from there.  In addition to the eventual finished blanket being HUGE, I also considered that I would like end up buying more yarn to finish the blanket, thus completely defeating the purpose of the stash busting project in the first place!

So I’ve been just knitting away at my colorful squares!  There are going to be an insane number of ends to weave in so I should probably start on those sooner rather than later!


Photography Friday

Here is Miss Emme enjoying the blanket that was made by the wonderful women in the Vanna’s Choice Fan Club group on Ravelry to celebrate her birth. She just loves it and it is the perfect playmat for her now that she is rolling all over the place.

WIP Wednesday…Progress, what’s that?

Well, work in progress Wednesday typically means that some progress of some sort has been made on some sort of project.
I’m here to tell you that I completely failed in that respect and have instead spent the last week planning plans.  Hahaha – I really am staying true to my bee knitting type – I’m all over the place over here!

While I was knitting mitered squares to sprinkle into my log cabin blanket, I got intrigued with the possibility of knitting a two color mitered square.  So all of my efforts and time were diverted to that front and many attempts of making a neat looking square.  I had my a-ha moment on Sunday night have been perfecting the technique every since!  And with a new technique, comes the plan of a new project – yay!  So I got out my color pencils and graph paper and went to town…and then I needed new yarn to make this vision possible.  So yep, not only did I not make any meaningful progress on my currently projects, I managed to start a new project AND buy more yarn.  I would hang my head in shame, but I have to keep an eye on the tracking for my new yarn as it makes its way across the country!  Hahaha.  I’m keeping that project under wraps for now until I actually make some progress on it – ha!

Now I don’t want it to seem like I haven’t done anything for yarn for the past week!  No sir!  The night before last I was up cleaning the house at 2:00am and some how I ended up in my yarn room, where all of the yarn on the shelves was teasing me.  I really need to make some space to store all of the yarns I am dyeing, but the only way to do that is to use up some of the yarn on the shelves (novel concept there!).

I have a TON of Vanna’s Choice yarn and was collecting it for years.  So what in the world should I do with all of this yarn?  The Wool-Eaters Blanket. of course!  The stitches used really gobble up yarn and I hope that the color changes will keep me interested!  If I get too bored, I could always finish off the project at a reasonable point and then donate the small blanket to the animal shelter.  I’ll see how far I get and go from there!  Mission make space on the shelf is underway!