Etsy Shop Update Friday!

I was able to dye up some of the new yarns about a week ago, but with a friend visiting for the weekend, I wasn’t able to re-skein them and get them posted to my Etsy shop.  Well, I woke up with determination this morning (and Miss Emme decided to sleep a bit late this morning) so I was get pictures and get my lovelies up in the shop.  The majority of my yarns up to this point have been extremely saturated so I decided to go with a lighter method.  I’m really pleased with the skeins and have decided to make these part of a new collection that reminds me of watercolor paintings.  Without further ado, I give you ‘ocatarine’ and ‘aleger’




New Tonal Yarns – Part 1

Rhyton Qually Collage


About a week ago I was super excited to post my newest colors to my Etsy store, even posted a teaser pic!  Well, I gave myself a night to relax after Miss Emme had gone to sleep for the evening…what ended up awaiting me really threw a wrench into the plans of re-skeining each of the colors.  Since I absolutely loved the blue skein and I had dyed it first, I decided to start with that one.  Well, I’m not sure what happened, but I had a brain lapse or something because I ended up putting the skein on the swift wrong!  How in the world does that happen??  I clearly didn’t divide it down the middle correctly and ended up with a bit of a mess.  It was a manageable mess since all of the yarn was contained on the swift, but there were just lots of tangles.  ~sigh~  So that has been the delay with getting the new yarn up in the shop.  I wanted to take my time and very very very very gently untangle the yarn and I finally accomplished that earlier today!

I have decided to name the colorway ‘Rhyton’

While I was at it, I also re-skeined the purple yarn which I have called ‘Qually’  They are both up in my Etsy store now!

New Yarns in the Shop!

I believe that I will make Thursday the day I recap the yarns that I have dyed the previous week and have posted in my shop!.  I already know that next Thursday I won’t be able to post about the new yarns because The Yarny Cakes family is headed to visit some family cupcakes for the long weekend : )

But that shouldn’t be a reason to not start a blogging tradition, right?  Since I had a bit of a dyeing break over the weekend, I only have 3 offerings for the past week, but I am in love with each one!  My favorite is ‘calodemon’ though because I am a sucker for blue-greens (teal, turquoise, aqua, etc) paired with warm tones.




New Yarny Cakes Yarns!


Two blog posts in one day!  I am making up for lost blogging time tonight – enjoy!

It has been several days since I was able to dye any yarn and I am really missing my mason jars!  It has been a busy few days and Miss Emme and I have been out and about a lot during the days!  My primary dyeing also used to be in the mornings before Emme woke up, but she is beginning to go to sleep earlier so she is waking earlier.  This is a great developmental step though and means that I get to spend more time with Mr. YarnyCakes in the evenings!

Anyway, the last two colorways that I was able to dye are ‘kumatage’ and ‘pabouche’

‘Pabouche’ was a bit of a mistake, but a happy mistake!  There truly are no really bad mistakes with dyeing…except for maybe one that I pulled off last week in which I was dyeing greens and blues, but the jars still had some pink dye in them.  Whoops.  Still, it’s not the end of the world and it is so unique that it may find its way to my Etsy shop anyway!

I don’t see much yarn dyeing happening this weekend with all my family visiting, but I may be able to get a skein or two dyed tomorrow morning before company arrives…but I guess the floors need to be vacuumed. That’s a fiber lover’s problem right there – housework versus playing with yarn.

Relaxing Sunday topped off with Game of Thrones

I have a sleeping baby lying on me so I’m sort of stuck here on the couch for a little bit, bit it’s a good time to get in some knitting!  I’m continuing with the complementary color dyeing and I posted a couple more skeins to the Etsy store. They are ‘quiosquos’ and ‘telary.’  These are definitely my favorites so far although ‘eadness’ is cute beautiful too!

QuisQuos and Telary collage

I dyed up another skein if yarn this morning hoping for the colors to turn out flamingo like.  Not sure that I succeeded, but I’ll see what it looks like tomorrow.  My motto remains that “there are no mistakes with hand dyeing…sometimes you just get a surprise.”

My business cards arrived yesterday – yay! They look even better in person.  I’m planning to include one in each of the orders I send out with a coupon code and yarn details.  Too bad they weren’t here for my first thr

ee orders, I made due and created a version of sorts:


It’s Sunday and Sunday means that there is an awesome show or two on HBO tonight. Mr. YarnyCakes and I can’t wait until the new episode of Game of Thrones tonight. Last week’s episode ended with quite a bang!  My favorite story plots are John Snow and Daenerys – I wish they had more of them in the episodes, but there are just so many characters that we need to stay updated on!  It is just such a ridiculously good show. The intrigue,  betrayal,  plotting, and characters have me riveted to the TV.